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ORES Academic Buzzer Competition Postponed Tentatively To 

Saturday March 27, 2021


The CLASSIC Academic Competition to Friday April 9, 2021

ORES State Cross Country Meet postponed Indefinitely

ORES State Football Playoffs postponed Indefinitely



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Zaneis, Maryetta, Fanshawe, Pleasant Grove, Bearden, Wickliffe, Greenville, Harmony, Brushy, Briggs, Holly Creek,

Marble City, Liberty, Moffett, Osage, South Rock Creek, Justice, Rocky Mountain, Peggs, Robin Hill, Lone Star, Pretty Water, Anderson,

Lukfata, Twin Hills, Terral, Norwood, Allen Bowden, Shady Point, Krebs, Keystone, Hodgen, Friend, Zion, Whitefield, Cleora, 

Frink Chambers, Haywood, Grove, Osage Hills, Jennings, Forest Grove, Banner, Kenwood, Crutcho, Tannehill, Grandview,

Woodall, Justus Tiawah, Maple, Lane, Oakdale, Grand View, White Rock, Darlington, Ravia, Denison, Monroe, Whitebead,

Middleberg, Wainwright, Peckham, Tenkiller, Pioneer, Cottonwood, Lowrey











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State Softball 20

ORES Softball 2020

 Sept.18-19 Tournament




Cross Country 20

Oct.13, 2020

@ Lake Tenkiller


Football 20

ORES Football 2020

Semi Finals Oct.26/27 @ Tenkiller

Finals Oct. 31 @ Tenkiller


Academic Buzzer 20


Dec.4, 2020

@ Shawnee

Basketball 21


Feb. 11,12,12, 2021

@ Shawnee



Archery 21

March 5, 2021

@ North Rock Creek Schooll


Classic 21



@ Gordon Cooper Technology Center


March 27, 2021


Track 21


@ McAlester HS

April 24, 2021









Starting July 1st, 2013, our eligibility rules will change.  Beginning withthe initial 7th grade year, to be eligible for ORES activities and also to be eligible for OSSAA activities in high school, a student may not participate in any activities in a repeat year even if the student did not participate in the initial year.  Subsequently, the student may participate in the following initial 8th grade year.  This rule change follows the OSSAA six consecutive years rule.
7th grade year:  student participates or does not participate in ORES or season play; 7th grade year (repeat year):  student cannot participate in any ORES activities and any season play including scrimmages; 8th grade year:  student may participate in ORES activities and season play
7th grade year:  student participates or does not participate in ORES or season play; 8th grade year: student participates or does not participate in ORES or season play; 8th grade year (repeat year): student cannot participate in any ORES activities and season play including scrimmages, and if this is violated, the student will risk losing a year’s eligibility in high school and most
likely his/her senior year eligibility.
The number of games played during the season is also an issue.  Please follow the guidelines on the ORES website for number of allowed games during season.  Violation of these guidelines is an SDE accreditation issue and may lead to disqualification in an ORES activity.  We, ORES, do not want to have the reputation that we spend too much time playing games and activities and
are not focused on academics.


The OSSAA rule on a student attending a dependent district but living in an independent district, the rule reads, "...and completed the fifth through eighth grades without interruption in the dependent school district."  OSSAA interruption of that would be that it is meant to be only one dependent district.  However, there could be extenuating circumstances that would allow a student to be approved on a hardship waiver that attended more than one dependent school.


Lastly, ORES does not want to regulate season play and does not have the manpower to investigate season play violations.  We leave the compliance issues to each individual superintendent and rely on each one’s integrity and high moral ethics.  If you choose to play an ineligible player (age-wise or consecutive year-wise) for any reason, you risk that student’s eligibility when he/she enters high school or possibly his/her senior year of high school.




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DATE:             JUNE 28, 2012



Students who choose to attend a dependent school district, or who attend because their parents reside within a dependent school district, prior to matriculating to high school, are held to the same limitations for participation as those students who attend school in an independent district.


Once a student enters the 7th grade, he or she is allowed six consecutive years to participate in interscholastic athletic activities.  By OSSAA Rule, students who repeat 7th or 8th grade are not permitted to participate during the repeat year, even if they did not participate during the initial 7th or 8th grade year.  If a student attending a dependent district repeats 7th or 8th grade and is allowed to participate, it will be counted against their eligibility limitations.  Potentially this could eliminate the student from participation during one of their high school years.


We ask that you counsel any student and his or her family of these limitations if a repeat year is necessary.

Thank you.



BASKETBALL: 16 games; or 14 games and 2 tournaments; or 13 games and 3 tournaments.

SOFTBALL: 14 games and 2 tournaments; or 11 games and 3 tournaments.


FOOTBALL: 8 games and no more than two games per week.





The Organization of Rural Elementary Schools was founded in 1984. Originally the Oklahoma Organization of Dependent Schools, ORES is the oldest rural school organization in Oklahoma. The organization has maintained as its primary goal the promotion, protection and preservation of rural elementary schools.

  Please contact us for more information: 

Organization of Rural Elementary Schools
Dr. John Cox, President
P.O. Box 119
Peggs, OK  74452-0019
(918) 598-3412

Randy Rountree, Financial Director